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Video Content Creators

Visual Artists

The advent of the internet has unleashed a new generation of visual artists that rivals Hollywood with an unparalleled reach and artistic freedom that has evolutionized the entertainment landscape.

Jigowatt Media believes that as the entire world's viewing habits gravitate towards online video platforms like YouTube and Instagram, the moment has come for artists creating content for these platforms to be monetarily compensated on the same level as any big movie studio or TV production house.


Story Tellers

It took almost a decade for podcasting to finally become recognized as the unique and powerful storytelling medium that it has transformed into today.

Although initially written off as a form of content for "geeks," with no hope of reaching a wide audience, podcasting has managed to capture the minds and ears of millions of people across the globe.

The diversity and quality of programming,  along with a wide array of passionate storytellers, has quickly rocketed this relatively new medium into the same arena as Academy Award-winning documentaries.

Time has come for podcast creators to ascend into the same ranks as top-tier filmmakers and television producers, and get the recognition and monetization they deserve.


The Cutting Edge

Social Media has been one of the most transformative forces in our society, forever changing how we communicate and interact with each other. This powerful new technology has created  amazing platforms for individuals all over the world to have their voices be heard.

Emerging from this worldwide communication democracy is a new class of content creators, storytellers, and revolutionaries we like to call Influencers.

This new breed of communicators has the unmatched ability to directly reach millions of people and in the process affect our very culture on a grand scale.

Jigowatt Media believes that with this new ability comes great power for these influencers, and with great power comes great responsibility. And with that responsibility comes a form of monetary compensation directly tied to an Influencer's audience reach.