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About Us

We are a creative agency that focus on one-to-one customer service with robust ideas.

Why Brands Love Us

Jigowatt's mission of forming organic relationships between brands and content creators is based on over 30-years of experience within the entertainment industry producing content and creating ad campaigns in every traditional entertainment medium.

We go to great lengths in our effort to form relationships between brands and our content creators to ensure that there is a synergy that is equally beneficial to each partner in the relationship. What exactly does this mean? Well, in plain English it means that Jigowatt Media will never place a Brand's product within content that's not a good fit. Ever. We will always do what's best for our content creators and our brand partners, not what's best for Jigowatt Media's pocketbook.

Jigowatt Media's commitment to honesty and transparency also crosses over into how we measure our audience and campaign effectiveness. We do this with industry standard and accurate audience measurement metrics, as well as clearly defined analytics.  This is how we create dynamic multimedia, multi-platform advertising campaigns that deliver.

Who we've worked with