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About Us

We are a creative agency that focus on one-to-one customer service with robust ideas.

About Us

The internet revolutionized media. Jigowatt Media is evolutionizing it.

2020 marks a significant turning point in the entertainment industry — the year when the gaze of adults turned from the TV screen to the small screen, as mobile finally became the dominant platform for media consumption.

Jigowatt Media's leadership anticipated this tectonic shift long ago and prepared for this evolution with the formation of a company that specializes in identifying and nurturing talent in the mobile space, while at the same time creating monetization strategies based on each content creator's strengths. There is a vast pool of undiscovered and talented creators utilizing podcasts, YouTube, and social media, to produce a wide array of dynamic content.

We also recognize the value that this user-generated content can represent to brands looking to extend their reach beyond ailing legacy platforms and reach the growing segment of people who have cut the TV cord, canceled their print subscriptions, and turned off the radio dial.

Jigowatt Media builds relationships between brands and our family of content creators to design dynamic multimedia, multi-platform advertising campaigns with measurable results backed by accurate audience measurement metrics and transparent analytics.

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