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We Build A Bigger Audience

About us

The next evolution in Digital Media.

We recognized the tectonic shift away from legacy media platforms like TV, Print, and Radio over a decade ago, and invented our own business model. One that focuses on content creators that have embraced online video, social media, and digital audio.

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COntent creators

Creators and Content first

Our mission is to identify, partner with, and nurture creators that are passionate about producing extraordinary content.

Accelerated Organic Growth

Jigowatt Media utilizes a multi-platform, multimedia strategy, to accelerate organic audience growth.

Monetization On A Grand Scale

We create unique monetization strategies focused on maximizing revenue across multiple distribution channels.

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Establishing meaningful relationships between brands and consumers

Forming organic relationships between brands and consumers through the use of unique storytelling, engaging content, and dynamic influencers is where Jigowatt Media excels.

why brands love us
  • Multi-Platform Campaigns
  • Accurate Audience Measurement
  • Transparent Analytics
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"Never mistake activity for achievement"
- John Wooden -

Jigowatt Media is led by a team of entertainment industry veterans with over thirty years of experience and a track record of success across TV, Film, Radio, and Digital.

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